Swains Lane, N6

Eight Commercial Units & 12 Flats | Back to Project Listing

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Situated on a prominent intersection in Highgate, this scheme aims to engage locals as well as encourage visitors to support local businesses.

Eight street level shops reinterpret the timber fronted stores that are traditionally found in the area. With large windows and generous awnings, these stores are designed to rejuvenate the formally neglected street.

Above, 12 flats are accommodated behind a modern façade. Neighbouring brick structures informed the design of the first floor, which comprises of a continuous band of red brick. The mass of the second floor is set back from the building edge, minimising the impact of the height. The external walls are clad in a bronze that is obscured by timber slats which help to ground the building in its lush urban environment. Deep bronze window frames reach through the timber slatting, tying the material ensemble together.

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